Jining Nature Group has been acquired by Kerry. The company is a pre-dominant Chinese maker of savoury flavours, seasonings and prepared food products and maintains well-established pan-nation positions in the savoury flavour and prepared foods segments in China. This acquisition deal will add a wide array of genuine local and regional taste technologies and application potentials to the portfolio of Kerry.

Jining Nature Group, which has more than 300 employees, will assist in diversifying the company’s China customer base by offering deeper access to the nation’s large regional markets through existing and deep-rooted distribution and foodservice channels.

It will ameliorate the brand’s savoury flavour producing potentials in the Asia Pacific market and will allow the company to provide a full suite of savoury offerings in the region in addition to its existing holistic basket of sweet and beverage flavour.

John Savage, CEO of Taste stated- “This acquisition will be a significant component of our worldwide savoury taste strategy and, as a highly appreciated leader in the savoury taste marketplace in China, will permit us to bolster our leadership in the core categories of Meat, Instant Noodles, and Snacks. The deep-skilled proficiency from the Jining Nature team of local cuisine will help us to come up with truly reliable taste solutions across a wide variety of application and channels. Furthermore, capabilities in Jining Nature are highly complementary to our Authentic Savoury platform which comprises of Smoke, Stocks and Fermentation in addition to a leading portfolio of Savoury Flavours. The capability for this acquisition when paired with our long-haul business in China and wider savoury potential is greatly thrilling.  On behalf of the whole Kerry organization, I’m glad to greet the Jining Nature Group and its staffs to our team.”


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