Kerry, a global leader in taste and nutrition, has launched two new sustainable plant-based processing aids for improving process efficiency, enhancing beer quality, and delivering cost savings in brewing.

Read: May 2023 Issue of Food InfoTech Magazine.

Kerry’s latest offering, the Eco Range, encompasses a selection of plant-based and sustainable brewing solutions, including Biofine™ Eco and FermCap™ Eco. These products serve as valuable tools for brewers, enabling them to craft environmentally conscious beers that are highly appealing to consumers. By utilizing this range, brewers can effectively minimize their ecological footprint while still delivering exceptional quality beverages.

Biofine Eco serves as a remarkable aid in enhancing beer clarification, while FermCap Eco acts as a foam-control solution that optimizes process efficiency by increasing fermenter capacity, enhancing hop utilization, and eliminating issues like over-foaming and beer wastage. These products offer substantial advantages, delivering clean, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving solutions to brewers worldwide.

Commenting on the new brewing solutions, Deborah Waters, PhD, Product Director Brewing Ingredients, Kerry said: “We are proud to introduce Biofine Eco and FermCap Eco which have been specifically designed as environmentally friendly solutions to replace traditional fining and antifoam options with plant-based alternatives. These innovative ingredients are better for the planet and the production process by enhancing the beer quality, increasing production efficiencies, reducing carbon footprint and increasing throughput.

“They are also compatible with both membrane and crossflow filtration, proven to reduce membrane fouling and being plant-based processing aids, are appealing to the vegan consumer. The Eco Brewing Range is a result of Kerry’s commitment to clean and environmentally friendly brewing solutions.”

Biofine Eco is a novel and cutting-edge plant-based clarification aid, revolutionizes the process of beer clarification by rapidly inducing yeast flocculation. This innovative product, free from allergens, effectively enhances beer clarity without the need for a centrifuge. It serves as a chemical-free and allergen-free alternative to conventional clarification aids.

FermCap Eco is a groundbreaking foam-control solution derived from plants, designed to maximize operational efficiency in various processes. This innovative product offers multiple benefits, including increased fermenter capacity, prevention of overfoaming, enhanced hop utilization, and improved stability of beer foam. It seamlessly integrates with crossflow membrane filtration systems, extending the duration of filter runs and significantly prolonging the lifespan of membranes.


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