Kerry foods broadened its one of e popular portfolio strings and things with the recent addition of limited addition Halloween and Christmas themed cheese snacks in UK owing to upcoming year-end celebrations.

In quirky range, new entrants cheeshape, scareshape and wintershapes will be available for consumption in 15 shapes of Halloween and Christmas like witch’s hat, ghostfaces and snowflakes.

These limited edition packs will also be featuring some snacky jokes on inner side of the wrappers. At 71 calories per pack and calcium fortified product will be a ready-to-go snack for the growing kids.

“We are committed to making kids snacks fun whilst reassuring parents with a range of healthy options, so as always, the new Scareshapes and Wintershapes Quirkies are made of real cheese providing a source of calcium for healthy bones,” said Melissa Sargeant, brand manager at Strings & Things.

Shapes were crafted in association with Pineapple lounge and some collaboration with kids to know the taste and shapes that will lure their taste buds.

Harriet Wells, strategist at The Pineapple Lounge, added: “We were delighted to give so many kids across the country creative input into Scareshapes and Wintershapes as a part of our proud partnership with Strings & Things.

“The Strings & Things team have done an incredible job translating the children’s ideas into reality and we can’t wait to see the delight and excitement on their faces when they see these on the shelves.”

Sacreshapes are on-shelves at various stores across the UK while wintershapes will be up for the show by Nov. 2.


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