Kellogg’s Co is just planning to expand its Zanesville, Ohio, plant which makes MorningStar Farms meat analogue products by making a new investment of $ 43 Million.

Worthington foods Subsidiary of Kellogg’s was a flag bearer of the sub-brand MorningStar during 1970s and is instrumental in dealing with the local economic development groups to secure funding and tax breaks which has been operating since 1970s.

Kellogg will expand the facility by 40,000-50,000 sq. ft. and add 40 full-time jobs to its current workforce of 303, according to the agreement. Local news reports said the investment includes $25 million for equipment and $18 million for the expansion. The project will begin in September and is planned to be completed by December 2021.

On TV platform it has started promoting ads for incogmeato, an apparently biofortified analogue product under the MorningStar brand. The brand was unveiled in February, but Kellogg delayed the launch because of the pandemic, focusing its attention and funds on increasing sales of pantry staples.


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