Kellogg Company has achieved more than its greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal one year ahead the schedule, alleviating its scope 1 and 2 emissions by more than 28% since 2015 and GHG emissions by about 15% for each pound of the items produced.

The multinational food manufacturing firm had originally set its first sustainability ambitions in 2008 and in 2015 it framed science-based goals to assist in limiting the global warming to below 1.5°C.

“As a global food company, we have a responsibility to address the significant risks climate change poses on people and our planet,” Amy Senter, Kellogg Company chief sustainability officer declared.

She further said- “We’re proud of our achievements and are working on multiple aspects to lessen emissions across all our supply chains.”

Kellogg is dedicated to use 100% renewable energy in its supply units by 2050.  Presently, nearly 28% of the electricity consumed in its food production chain comes from renewable sources.

As part of this ongoing project, Kellogg has also assisted more than 4,33,000 peasants globally to opt the sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices via its Origins programmes.

Rice farmers in Spain have minimized their GHG emissions by about 45% by adoption of new irrigation methodologies and updation of fertilizer use.  In the US, farmers in Illinois who planted cover crops “cut down greenhouse gas emissions as much that will be equivalent to remove more than 13 million vehicle miles off the road,” the company informed.


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