Kellogg Company has launched a new cereal under its Rice Krispies brand, Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies, with each serving providing 20% of your daily intake of vitamin D.

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With a brand-new shape and six vibrant colors, each delectable bite of Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies offers fans a treat for their senses with its fruity aroma and flavors. Parents can now give their kids a cereal they know they’ll love while feeling great about it too as Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies is Kellogg’s first fruity cereal to provide 20% daily value of Vitamin D. Even better? It’s also made with 8 grams of whole grains and fortified with 9 vitamins and minerals per serving, increasing the nutritional benefits of the fun, flavorful new offering.

“At Kellogg Company, we love providing breakfast options that set families up for a great day. When we discovered six in 10 Americans want to add more Vitamin D to their diets1, we knew infusing this key nutrient into a fun, delicious breakfast option would be a great way to solve this need for many of our fans,” said Laura Newman, senior director of brand marketing at Kellogg Company. “Whether you’re looking to increase your daily Vitamin D intake or hungry for a tasty bowl of colorful goodness, Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies are here to add a boost to even the most mundane mornings!”

Delicious in the bowl or straight out of the box, Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies is also the perfect ingredient to make fun, fruity-flavored Rice Krispies Treats at home. Fans will love adding a pop of color and sweet taste to these favorite homemade treats, just in time for spring.

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Families looking to add a dose of colorful, fruity flavor to their day can find Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies at retailers nationwide starting in April for a suggested retail price of $4.99 for an 11.1-ounce box and $5.99 for a 17.8-ounce box.


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