The newly crafted menu would consist of cheesy paneer lifafa, veg chiri miri kebab, cheese dhokla, cheese corn samosa and open cheese toast prepared with Katharos’s vegan cheese assortments.

By providing cruelty-free vegan food, the partnership is a step towards healthy eating. This new association is aimed at consumers who love dairy products but want to consciously cut down on their consumption for ethical, religious, environmental or health reasons. It will also encourage vegetarians and vegans to experience the delectable taste of plant-based cheese while encouraging cruelty-free food consumption.

Jasmine Bharucha, Founder, Katharos Foods, stated – “We are working towards revolutionizing the plant-based and sustainable food industry in India. Collaborating with the Green Gujarat Restaurant brings us a step closer to it. Also, Navratri is the perfect time to encourage conscious, healthy and cruelty-free eating. We believe that people are aware of the impact their food choices create on the environment. They are in search of eco-friendly food sources to satisfy their cravings and fulfill their protein requirements. At Katharos, we produce a range of high-quality vegan food products to provide consumers with healthy alternatives for guilt-free indulgence.”

Marzy Parakh, Founder, Green Gujarat Restaurant, stated – “We are really excited about this collaboration. Green Gujarat always looks forward to its customers’ well-being. We make sure that the food served to our customers is hygienic, healthy and environmentally friendly. Our customers are mostly Gujaratis and this Navratri season, we have prepared a special menu with dishes that contain vegan cheese. After all, what is better than having cheese that is devoid of cholesterol and full of taste.”


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