Karnataka Government seems very keen on chalking out a plan for the Agri-tech startups and operational guidelines, formulation is underway, expected anytime soon. Karnataka Government moves its notion to the executives so that a robust operational procedures can be put into domain so that sector could be met with ample boost which is direly needed.

The move ensues following Union government’s Start up and Stand Up India agenda, announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Post that every individual state have proposed their share of regulations, boost and initiatives to be implemented soon.
Karnataka Government, stepping a step ahead has constructed a committee to look for the concerned matter and all the apprehensions can be ruled out off the foray.

On similar lines too agri start-ups can provide missing links in the agricultural value chain and deliver efficient, innovative products, technologies and services to farmers and consumers, noted Karnataka Agriculture Minister B C Patil.

Minister Patil was deliberating a virtual session of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) summit and awards for agri start-ups, said the food and agriculture practices and enterprises in India are ready for transformational changes in line with the new government policies.

“Agriculture has been rapidly evolving into agri business in terms of approach and structure. The committee has submitted the policy documents to the government, and we are in the process of releasing it shortly,” he was quoted as saying in a FICCI statement.

T R Kesavan, chairman, FICCI National Agriculture Committee & Group President (Corporate Relations and Alliances), TAFE said every agri start-up has its own strength and there is a need to create a dedicated cell for agri start-ups.

According to Hemendra Mathur, chairman, FICCI Task Force on Agri Start-ups, “Bengaluru is the tech capital of the country and we must think towards building a centre for excellence in the agriculture sector with the kind of talent and resources that we have in Karnataka.”

Pravesh Sharma, Chairman, FICCI Task Force on FPOs and Co-founder and CEO, Kamatan Farm Tech Pvt Ltd, emphasised on having state-level agri start-up policy for different states and this should be supported by a dedicated organisation to promote agri start-ups.

On a similar note, Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI shed light on the current development of the agricultural sector that it is infused with new disruptive and highly innovative ideas.


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