Kanchan Metals, a leader in the equipment production for food processing industries has once again proved why its segmental boss. Company launches unique vertical tray freight system with rapid movement and product translocation. This system is meant to do the ascending and descending functions of 50kg to 100 kg weight with transfer rate of 100 products an hour. Kanchan Metals always try to launch products which fulfil the demand of the food processing segment and this time new vertical tray freight system will add up steadiness and ramp up production.

Vertical tray lifting system helps to provide floor space savings, improve worker ergonomics, and help control on-going processes. Companies can operate this system easily and efficiently. The product is very suitable for companies having multi-floor construction and need to transfer products between floors. One of the best features, if compared with other systems, is the low maintenance component. Apart from this, it has a space-saving feature as it has a vertical lift design against spiral conveyor. It stands out because of its effortlessly energy efficient and quick transport components. Its customised height adjustable to any factory or warehouse and modular design looks, all in all, makes the system reliable and more durable satisfying all the needs of the customer.

Raghav Gupta, Director, Kanchan Metals, said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new product called vertical tray lifting system, designed for the food processing industry. Over the years, have designed all our products with a motto to make companies easy to manufacture their products as well as add up to the overall growth of the industry. This product is remarkably useful for manpower saving, space-saving and will surely scale new heights in the industry.

The utmost dedication of the company is in manufacturing world-class and exemplary tray freight system for snacking products. Apart from this company partners with international stalwarts in the business, to imbibe the innovation it possess and nurture the brain-child they generally produce.



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