Kaapi Machines brings to India the improved new technology Rancilio along with the steady brew technology in all single boiler espresso machine ranges.

The company is an Italy-based coffee machine manufacturer. Since 1927, the company has been passionately committed towards safeguarding and advancing the culture of Italian espresso coffee across the globe.

Presently, the company is diversifying to modernity when the brand is recognized as a leader in the market for traditional espresso making machines.

The brand’s new patented thermal control system re-designed the future of the thermosiphon system. The steady brew technology is the progression of the traditional thermosiphon system and unveils a set of innovative features created to revamp the performance of the whole single boiler espresso machines.

The steady brew technology will be available on the total range of single boiler coffee machines, including tall versions.

It is the technological solution that revolutionizes coffee machine’s hydraulic system. By keeping water temperature inside the circuit steady, it ensures maximum repeatability during extraction, both during work peaks and in low-usage conditions. The temperature for each group can be calibrated during installation.

A lot matters for the creation of a perfect cup of coffee—from the quality and freshness of the beans to the consistency of the grounds to the precision in time and temperature control and all other things in between. The makers intended to grapple with the gap of effective and sophisticated coffee equipment in India that could actually convert the superior quality of homegrown coffee beans into the perfectly brewed cup of coffee. A simple purpose of making top-class coffee equipment accessible to anyone who wanted to savour or serve the best possible brew resulted into the birth of Kaapi Machines. At present, Kaapi Machines India Pvt. Ltd. is a complete coffee solutions company and exclusive distributor of advanced coffee equipment from some of the most exemplary names from across the globe.

Over the last 10 years, we have had the chance to collaborate with brands that have launched cutting-edge technology and avant-garde in the coffee equipment industry and assisted us to bring that technology to India. With our target on quality and our steadfast service team, the biggest in India, we have bagged the credenceS and association of many loyal customers whom we cherish hitherto.


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