JW Bakery in JW Marriott, Kolkata has launched Doughnut Stopwith One that offers a broad variety of the world’s favorite dessert, doughnuts!

A wonderful opportunity to make a person’s day better could be by offering them a dessert. There are plenty of individuals who would love to consume dessert and there could be many reasons a person may feel low. There may even be times when they would want to celebrate any event or occasion that could make them think of choosing desserts. Keeping this in mind, JW Bakery which is presently at JW Marriott, Kolkata introduced Doughnut StopWith One which also offers a broad variety of the world’s favourite dessert, being the doughnuts.

JW Bakery celebrates Doughnuts Day with delightful doughnuts that come in different flavours. Doughnuts have been cherished by all kinds of people, from kids to older people and have been able to stand the test of time as an all-time favourite dessert. We instantly swoon over its melt-in-mouth sweet and luscious taste.

It’s up to you what you would like to prefer glazed or creme-filled doughnuts, cronuts, sliders, or any number of deliciously made doughnuts, JW Bakery celebrates Doughnuts Day with delightful doughnuts in varied flavors. From bringing the flavors from home to the soldiers in the frontline of World War 1 to spreading smiles on the faces of millennials, doughnuts have stood the test of time as an all-time favorite dessert. Doughnuts aren’t just loved by kids, it’s loved by all generations.

There are a wide array of rich doughnuts that can be indulged in by individuals and they range from ‘Vanilla and pistachio Cronut(Fried laminated dough filled with Vanilla and pistachio cream), Salted Caramel and Hazelnut (Fried Doughnut stuffed with Caramel and coated in hazelnut), Lemon Mascarpone (Tangy lemon cream-filled doughnut), Burnt vanilla cream (Caramelised vanilla cream topped doughnut) and ‘Dulce de leche’ (Caramelised condensed milk stuffed doughnut).

You can enjoy the delectable sliders and sandwiches that are also available on the menu such as Monte Cristo doughnut sandwich (Turkey ham, Dijon mustard, Raspberry Jam), Panko chicken doughnut (Fried Chicken, Cheese Slice, Mayonnaise) and Bacon and cheese Doughnut Slider (Bacon, Honey, Cheese, Lettuce).


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