All of us have at least one narrative to tell about childhood days and mangoes. And that is something, JustMyRoots, India’s first perishable, interstate, food supply chain enabled e-commerce platform, is very well conscious of. Keeping this in mind, the brand is bringing your childhood back in the form of Mangoes this mango season.

Customers are free to pick and choose from a wide array of different varieties such as Rasaalu, Himayat and Banginapalli and order mangoes which will be delivered right at the doorsteps of the buyers.

Native to states such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and West Bengal, these different variants will surely become the bundle of joy for the patrons and their loved ones this summer.

The company is procuring these mangoes directly from the orchards and will deliver to the consumer’s doorstep anywhere across the country. The mangoes are available in two different types of packs of two and ten kilograms. Packed and shipped to your doorstep in an uncommon packaging, the mangoes will reach you absolutely fresh.

An amalgamation of sweet and sour memories from those golden old days, mangoes are a must for everyone who is away from their family this summer.

Established in 2017, is the pioneer in making Intercity cooked / perishable food delivery a reality and at an economical pricing. Headquartered in Gurgaon, JustMyRoots was originally installed as India’s first own interstate home delivery service. Once you are away from home, with them you can still search for home delivery food near me and order food from your preferred restaurant; JustMyRoots will surely deliver it to you.

JustMyRoots will not only delivers food to you from the nearby Best delivery restaurants but also delivers home cooked food to other Indian cities. Their team members will pick up food from your home, pack it in safe containers and will ship it to the asked location in another city or state.

Diversifying its footprints pan-nation, the company has now entered into the segment of fresh seasonal fruits delivery with a hope of gaining the same name and fame in this biz too.


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