Jumbo King is a famous chain of fast food restaurants based mainly in Mumbai. It is widely acclaimed for the Maharashtrian regional dish vada pav. It was started in 2001 by a husband and wife duo Dheeraj and Reeta Gupta. The fast food business model of McDonald’s and Burger King serves as the motivation for this company.

‘Paper costs money, paper costs the environment’ is the awareness that Jumboking is imparting and delivering to and through its customers. The brand with more 115 stores across western India alone, offers the widest varieties of vegetarian burgers, thick shakes, fries, wraps and softy.

From now onwards, every customer, irrespective of what they purchase can get an e-bill. All they have to do is share their contact number and receive the e-bill in the form link along with a message. This drive has assisted to deliver a paperless and no-contact system of providing bill to the customers.

This is an advanced step for the brand which was one of the first to be in accordance with the March 2018 directive by the Maharashtra Government to forbid plastic. From October 2020, the brand has also prohibited issuing of paper bills from out stores, proceeding towards greater environmental awareness.

Dheeraj Gupta, MD of Jumboking stated- “The post-Corona era has come with a lot of teachings for every one of us. Every feasible and doable cost benefit must be granted to the customers. Simultaneously, Goal 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities and Goal 12-Responsible Consumption and Production, as underscored by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have to be implemented to daily operations of each and every brands.


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