Jeeru, India’s most-loved Jeera masala drink got a brand new, afresh look. This packing and branding modification depicts the drink’s fun, fizzy, spicy, and comprehensive nature.

The new packaging and branding standard is an efficacious approach to distinguish itself in the market, while at the same time express itself as a contemporary, youthful brand with the similar tell-tale taste that everyone swears by. Created by 82.5 Communications, the new-look bottle labels and cans are motivated by a kaleidoscopic design with jeera grains and apple playing a vital role. To maintain a sense of familiarity, the old font has been carried forward into the new design.

While the new packaging is being rolled out across India, the brand is also re-framing its distribution network and boosting its national presence. With its modern look, the new packaging is one of the several measures the brand is taking to remain in the hearts of young India.

Rajeev Sehgal, the chairman, Xotik Frujus Private Limited, stated “Jeeru is our attempt to provide India a delectable Indian drink. Having its roots connected to true Indian essence Jeeru is a drink with diverse flavors. The new packaging is to represent this celebration of flavours and taste and make it different from competitors.”

Kapil Arora, CEO and co-chairman of 82.5 Communications informed- “Jeeru is the actual manifestation of what a great Indian brand should be. As the brand was growing its geographical presence and appeal, there was a requirement to make its imagery more contemporary, without losing sight of its distinct heritage and ingredient story. And that’s the advancement we have tried to bring about in the all new, and just as refreshing, Jeeru.”

Mayur Varma, ECD and creative head, 82.5 Communications declared- “We desired to capture Jeeru’s distinct taste and its Indian essence in its packaging. The Jeeru Myriad, its unusual kaleidoscopic pattern, depicts the multiplicity of flavours and experiences packed in one drink. Just like India, Jeeru belongs to everyone.”


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