ITC Limited’s Sunfeast Caker has made public its first nation-wide TVC (Television Commercial) campaign ‘Paet Ko Do Kuch Great’. The initiative communication triggers all those consumers who are in search of quick snacking choices in moments of hunger and witnesses their inner cake lover or ‘Caker’ becoming active.

Led by the brand’s signature offering and a novelty in the category, trinity, a triple choco layered product creation which offers an unprecedented sensorial experience, the brand requests the consumers that when they feel the ‘Gud Gud’ sensation in their stomach they should fulfill it with something actually great i.e. ‘Paet Ko Do Kuch Great’.

Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits and cakes cluster, foods division, ITC Limited, stated- “As a brand, Sunfeast has earned an esteem of providing delectable snacking choices since years. Our new variants of offerings under Sunfeast Caker desires to offer a much required improvement to the packaged cakes category and provide experiences as satisfactory as freshly baked cakes. With this new drive, we plan to further expand the cakes segment by underscoring how our products cater to all three vectors of hunger i.e., provide satiety, indulgence and convenience, whilst instituting Sunfeast Caker as a genuinely great snacking choice.  We anticipate being an inseparable part of the customers’ snacking moments and assist in vivifying our manifesto – Paet Ko Do Kuch Great, through their pensive choice.”

Sunfeast Caker
Sunfeast Caker (Source: Internet)


Further detailing on the TVC launch, Romit Nair, creative head, FCB Ulka, declared- “Considering the snacking, a cake surpasses everything. Sunfeast Caker is apt for all types of cake lovers. It isn’t a good choice, it’s a great choice. Therefore, we said- ‘Paet Ko Do Kuch Great.’ When your stomach growls and rumbles for something to eat why offer it just any snack, rather offer it a great one. We utilized the sound of the stomach going ‘gud-gud’ in-between mealtimes as the innovative device combined with a fun track. The innovative piece makes the real love for cake apparent. In a sticky circumstance the girl isn’t tensed about the results, she’s just concerned about offering her paet something great.”

The TVC was shot and created by FCB Ulka. The film will be telecasted across famous GEC channels in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, and Assamese. As a result, the TVC will also leverage the reach of digital world via well-known social media and pertinent digital media platforms.




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