ITC has always been a scorer in the cricket games. ITCs leading confectionery brand “Candyman” Fantastic, widely acclaimed for its crispy choco filled wafers and other ranges have now released a series of 12 new TVCs for its ‘Cricket’s snacking partner’ Campaign. Idea is to binge for some sweet indulgence while in breaks between overs of the cricket matches.

Brand is trying to target the home-cricket watching experience and has already introduced bridging chocolaty creme wafers yesteryear.

Brand is showcasing the chocolate wafers by different TVCs for the home bound enjoyment and most special is its waters’ shape which is akin the stumps that adds a major involvement.

The contextual TVCs translate the spirit of a cricketer’s ‘Fantastik’ celebratory moment into one which can be replicated by consumers at home with the product, taking a differentiated approach to sweet snacking experience. To further elevate the consumers’ match viewing experience, the brand has launched an in-home mini treats pack, ideal for snacking by oneself or with friends and family during match hours.



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