ITC, which has been serving varieties laddened with greater taste has again played and curated a new campaign to draw the attention. ITC’s sunfeast bounce has been backed again in the new campaign “Andar Ka bachha bahar Lao” to seek new fanbase among the youth and adults too.

The campaign aims to that section of Society where adults are highly occupied with their chores and have forgotten to enjoy the basic chit-chats with children and tradition of snacking with elders has gone out far. So to bring the fantasy back, this campaign is spinned by the company.

Commenting on the campaign, Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits & cakes at ITC Ltd, said, “Sunfeast Bounce has introduced a new mix in the market with fresh packaging and a communication that builds a strong point of view. The world will be a far more fun place if all of us were more childlike.”

Sunfeast’s advertisement which is currently on Air showcases gully side cricket match of children where an adult walks in, and children compels in a uproar of slogans “bachhe ko bachao” and that adult dunk and lick the biscuit and its creme.

ITC is a multinational, conglomerate industry having its fingers into lot of commodities of domestic daily usage. Headquarters are located at Kolkata,West Bengal. Was established in 1910 as Imperial Tobacco company and renamed later on as India Tobacco Company.

Other areas where company deals are Cigarettes, FMCG, Hotels, Paper products etc.


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