ITC, a well known diversified conglomerate has moved to interdigitate more and more in fresh milk products in East of the nation. Presently, ITC has its fresh dairy products available throughout 24 cities of Bengal and Bihar. Thus, ITC in its latest pursuit, will work upon expansion of sale and business in eastern states particularly in Bihar and Bengal.

Sanjay Singal, chief operating officer-dairy and beverages, ITC, said the focus for the next few years would be on the East.

“We would like to expand our range and expand footprint in Bengal and Bihar. The focus right now is on the East of India, Bengal and Bihar,” he added. ITC’s fresh dairy products are available in 24 cities in Bihar, while in Bengal, it has tapped Kolkata.

ITC entered in fresh food market in 2018 and in subtle bracket of 2 years company has acquired market share over 8-10 percent in Kolkata.

In its effort to accrue more safety to the consumers, Company started “Doodh-er Report card” i.e report cards for your milk to ensure more transparency to the consumers. One can enter batch name and no on ITC’s website to get report card adding a majority to the trustability of the company.

ITC sources its milk from 5000 farmers directly and around 250 milk groups in Bengal, “Also, we have invested at the grassroot level to improve the cold chain from the farmer to the milk production centre to the bulk milk chilling plants and hence, we ensure that the milk is handled hygienically,” Singal said.

Milk procurement in Bengal is being expanded every month and ITC was also exploring other urban markets in the state, Singal said.

ITC procures its “milk processing and packaging” from three setups at Munger, Patna in Bihar and Howrah in Bengal.

Explaining the geographical spread, Singal explained that milk shakes and ghee were present in many parts of India but fresh dairy, because it is linked to milk sourcing and cannot be transported more than 200km, is available only in 24 cities in Bihar and Kolkata.


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