ITC’s Sunfeast Dark Fantasy biscuits brand, which partnered with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) at the outset of the T20 cricketing season, has now unveiled the ‘Lucky Hai’ initiative.

Through this partnership, the firm said that the brand targets to link itself with the sport and cricketers from RCB’s team. Its most recent television commercial (TVC), revolves around every fan’s ‘Dark Fantasy’ for the team’s success. It aims on relishing the product while enjoying a match which would lead to a favourable performance to begin its ‘Lucky Hai’ conversation.

As fans continue to be pleased by the tournament from the easement of their homes, the team’s triumphant performance this year only improves the watching experience for the fans. Right in schedule for the fans’ celebratory mind frame is a new TVC, showcasing a slice-of-life and correlated match moment is a part of a larger campaign “Asli maza andar se aayega”.

Here, the commercial represents one among the three friend’s credence that it is the product, which is a lucky and fortunate cookie and he bites into it at a pivotal match moment. Upon hearing this, the other two friends who initially make a joke out of it and break into laughter soon observe that things work out in their favour in the match and then they celebrate by sharing that pack of the delectable cookie.

As per the company, the ad is a part of a larger campaign of ‘Asli mazaa andar se aayega’ which exhibits consumers in a relatable conditions watching the match while relishing their favourite delicacy from the comfort of their homes this year.

Talking about the campaign’s take, Ali Harris Shere, CEO, biscuits & cakes, ITC stated “Since several years, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has created a distinct niche for itself with its flavourful offerings that elicit a jovial feeling from within, similar to the emotions that cricket fans experience while watching the much admired tournament. We are very glad that our first, newly-formed partnership with team Royal Challengers Bangalore has begun on a positive note and we anticipate for an extravagant cricket season which will equally delight RCB fans as well as our consumers.


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