ITC’s Sunfeast, one of the most loved consumer biscuits company, is now broadening its presence in the cakes category with the release of a novel sub-brand, Sunfeast Caker. As per the company, the brand will have a range of creative products that will offer premium experiences to consumers at economical costs.

The sub-brand will make snacking an enchanting experience, keeping in mind the requirements of comfort and indulgence across a broader consumer base. There will be three layouts including the signature and first in the group named ‘Trinity’, a distinguished product creation, offering a refined receptive and unprecedented experience. This triple layered cake has a choco enrobed bottom, choco crème as the middle filling and is enriched with a choco drizzle topping.

The second delicacy will be a redesigned choco Swiss Roll, embellished with a choco drizzle, eliciting visuals conventional to a fresh bakery product and the third creation will be a thrilling exhibition of layer cakes in two varieties including choco & butterscotch, as per the company.

Earlier, the brand had rushed into the Rs 2,500+ crore cake categories with the release of cakes in 2018. After leading category’s growth in the layered cakes segment with a 22% market share within 2 years, it is now broadening its cakes portfolio with these new creations.

Commenting on the launch, Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits & cakes cluster, foods division, ITC Limited stated- “The cakes segment in India has been developing at a very propitious rate. Given that it is a large category and with our experienced game in the biscuits category, we feel it is the appropriate time to broaden our franchise.”

He further said- “Our aim would be to continue further growth of the category by re-specifying the manner in which consumers view and eat packaged cakes. The effort would be to fill the experiential gap between fresh bakery cakes and packed cakes through our distinct offerings. As a national trusted brand, we anticipate to delight the households across the nation with this specially designed new range of Sunfeast Caker.”

The premium quality delicacies will be made available to consumers uniformly at industry price points and grammage to make sure that the offering is relished in every household – 28 gm SKU of Trinity and 29 gm SKU of Swiss Roll could be purchased at Rs 10 while the layer cakes will be available at two rates of Rs 5 & Rs 10 respectively. The new product will be available throughout the country from November 2020.


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