ITC food has crafted a new campaign owing to the ongoing IPL in UAE. Firm is trying to hit the floor congnizance of consumers while watching their favourite T20s.

ITC Foods’ snacks brand Bingo! Company wants to score the bonding which consumers have with cricket and the habit of taking snacks while enjoying it. Company will be working on taking advantage of the beginning of the match. It will use ads to quirk the consumers in a relishing way.

Commenting on the campaign, ITC Foods spokesperson said, “Cricket in India is an extravaganza that brings individuals together from all walks of life to enjoy and experience an exciting game. At Bingo, our focus is to keep the fun alive in the lives of consumers. We hope that fans and consumers would enjoy the line-up of enlivening and fun-filled communication Bingo! has in store for the upcoming cricketing season .”

The person added, “This year, fans will experience cricket differently, where their homes will turn into a virtual stadium while they enjoy every moment of the match on their screens. We, at Bingo! wanted to remind them of the lip-smacking experience they can enjoy within the safe confines of their homes, without losing out on their spirits, snacks or fun.”

Company will be rolling out electronic media advertisements soon on the Television, OTT platforms and Radio.

Known for its greater youth connect, company has always been a scorer in the cricketing season. Providing the best taste it spins the ‘crunchiest’ relationship with its consumers.


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