ITC’s Indian luxury chocolate brand Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates has earned the distinction for its ability and commitment to create unparalleled chocolate experiences for its discerning customers. Fabelle has in the last few years introduced numerous groundbreaking innovations that include the Fabelle Trinity – Truffles Extraordinaire, which stands as the world’s most expensive chocolate and the Fabelle Finesse, celebrated as the world’s finest chocolate and these achievements have set a benchmark in the global chocolate industry.

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Fabelle is poised to continue this legacy by captivating chocolate enthusiasts with a novel creation. Drawing inspiration from the ethos of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – The World Is One Family, Fabelle has introduced its latest masterpiece – the Fabelle One Earth Collection. In an exclusive event held at the ITC Sheraton, New Delhi, Fabelle, in a strategic partnership with Chef Andy Allen, a renowned Australian food critic and TV presenter, unveiled this delectable fusion of global flavours and cultures.

This signature luxury chocolate offering has been meticulously handcrafted with the finest ingredients and cocoa. It encompasses 10 distinct truffles, each intricately capturing the essence of the diverse flavors from nations across the world, including Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Netherlands, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

ITC Fabelle Master Chocolatiers, known for their unwavering dedication to excellence, are engaged in multiple iterations and collaborative sessions with Chef Andy Allen to perfect each truffle. They skillfully harmonized a selection of carefully chosen ingredients, including Afghan Figs, Australian Macadamia, Bangladesh-inspired Posto, England’s Morello Cherry, India’s Walnut, Condensed Whole Milk from the Netherlands, New Zealand’s Apple, Aqua Rose from Pakistan, Sri Lankan Coconut and South African Orange, with Fabelle’s exceptional chocolates. Each truffle, thus, narrates a unique tale of the country that inspired its creation. This limited-edition offering comprises 10 truffles (130g) priced at INR 999/-, inclusive of taxes and will be available at Fabelle boutiques in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.

These chocolate truffles are a testament to the artistry of ITC Fabelle Master Chocolatiers. They artfully blended these international ingredients with Fabelle’s premium chocolate to deliver a sensory journey that transcends borders, celebrating the universal love for chocolate, much like the spirit of sports.

To commemorate the launch of ‘Fabelle One Earth,’ the event was graced by distinguished personalities associated with the world of sports and cricket. Dinesh Karthik, an Indian professional cricketer and commentator, Waqar Younis, Pakistani cricket coach, commentator and former cricketer, and Lisa Sthalekar, an Australian cricket commentator, former cricketer and captain of the Australia women’s national cricket team, exchanged ‘One Earth’ as a symbol of honouring the essence of unity and community.

Rohit Dogra, Chief Operating Officer – Chocolates, Coffee, Confectionery and New Category Development Foods Division, ITC Limited stated – “Fabelle is dedicated to giving chocolate lovers true world-class experiences. With Fabelle One Earth, we aim to bring people together through the magic of chocolate. This special collection has 10 distinct truffles, each with a singularly delectable taste. The assemblage of speciality ingredients inspired from different countries brought together in one box of chocolate truffles, the ‘Fabelle One Earth’ showcases the brand’s commitment to creating unique tastes and textures.”

Andy Allen, Australian Food Critic and TV Presenter stated – “Fabelle has one of the finest collections of chocolates in the world in my view. It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside the Fabelle team to bring alive this masterpiece. Fabelle One Earth is a culinary journey that encapsulates the essence of diverse cultures and flavors from ten different countries. It was the result of countless hours of craftsmanship, relentless commitment, and tireless exploration of global flavors that have gone into the curation of each of the truffles. We are extremely happy with the outcome and hope that everyone enjoys this beautiful amalgamation of chocolate and culture.”


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