Aashirvaad Svasti, one of the leading dairy brands in West Bengal, has announced the launch of its latest milk offering ‘Aashirvaad Svasti Daily’ in the region. The main purpose behind releasing this product has been to assist mothers in securing access to quality milk that would help fulfil the daily milk requirement of her family without having to worry about the budget.

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With food prices soaring over the past one year, mothers have been cutting down on their monthly budget for daily essentials, including milk. With the trend appearing to be similar throughout the country, according to estimates made by an independent research agency, the monthly average milk consumption per household has gone down by 9.6 per cent in Kolkata in the past one year.

Aashirvaad Svasti, being a consumer-focused brand has introduced a new offering that is set to help in fulfilling the everyday milk requirements of the consumers with no compromises made on quality and nutrition. Rich in protein, Calcium and fortified with Vitamins A and D, ‘Aashirvaad Svasti Daily’ can be given to children for daily consumption, apart from also being used for making tea/coffee for adults.

Sanjay Singhal, Chief Operating Officer, Dairy and Beverages, ITC, who had spoken on the launch of the new milk variant stated – “Milk is a daily essential and we understand the importance of providing consumers access to quality and affordable product. With an objective to ensure that mothers are not forced to cut down on milk consumption for the family due to rising prices, we launched Aashirvaad Svasti Daily at a price point of only Rs. 20, so that it easily fits into their budget. We are happy to bring this offering to mothers who have been part of our journey from the beginning”.

With this launch, the brand underpins its commitment to deliver quality milk, while also adhering to the highest levels of safety and hygiene standards in the manufacturing process and supply chains.

With State-of-the-Art Milk Processing facilities in place, the brand has already had a presence in the markets of East India since 2018. The brand has been delivering a range of fresh dairy products such as milk, curd, peda, paneer, lassi, mishti doi, etc. With Aashirvaad Svasti Daily, the brand has expanded its regional product offering.

Aashirvaad Svasti Daily is set to be made available at INR 20 for a 470ml pouch, across 4000+ outlets in West Bengal.


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