Bringing an interim relief, uplifting the previous circular, FSSAI allowed use of diatomaceous earth as a processing aid in honey production.

FBOs (Food business operators) sought an interim circular to continue usage of diatomaceous earth as filteration aid in honey production which was earlier put down from the practice due to an order by FSSAI.

FSSAI said that an “interim order” is provided to the FBOs to continue application of diatomaceous earth in honey filteration, until the matter is under consideration and examination.

The apex regulator has advised the state food safety authorities that no enforcement action solely on basis of use of the said material as processing aid may be initiated against any FBO manufacturing honey and till then the direction issued on July 31, 2020, is kept in abeyance.

Order further states that it doesn’t mean that preclusion of authorities and regulations will happen and also sampling, surveillance and enforcement can be done.

The July order of apex food regulator has said that “In one of the surveillance/enforcement drives, it has come to the notice of the FSSAI that Diatomaceous Earth was being used by some manufacturers as a processing aid of honey. vIt was then clarified that Diatomaceous Earth was not allowed as a processing aid in honey manufacturing.”
Order also stated that if any discrepancy happens, FBOs are liable to take required action under FSS act.


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