Intello Labs has launched Praman, which has been in stealth mode for the past few months. It is an innovative trading platform for agricultural products with built-in quality assessment.

Praman currently facilitates spot-trading and e-auctioning in agri-commodities including cardamom, onion, garlic, pomegranate, apple, potato, and tomato.

It is building a much-needed quality layer between farmers and traders to accelerate and accomplish the digital transformation of Indian agriculture.

Praman has already achieved a monthly Gross Transaction Value (GTV) of $ 40 million with in only few months after its launch. It has successfully re-engineered auctions and trade through AI-based quality assessment.

Making them data-driven and digital. As a truly digital exchange platform it breaks the limitations of the current manual processes automatically generating quality reports which are fed directly into the exchange platform.

Besides automating workflow Praman also makes data on quality of the agri-produce remotely accessible. Allowing traders to participate in real-time from anywhere without the need to be physically present at auctions or market yards.

Milan Sharma, co-founder and CEO, Intello Labs, said, “We are pleased to give the entire trading process a digital makeover, driving geographic expansion and market outreach. This initiative is one more step in establishing Intello Labs as a leader in agritech and innovation. We’ve set the path to automation and standardization in the industry. It is only a matter of time before the convenience, speed, and efficiency of Praman set the path for the future of digital agri-trade.”

For example, size, color, and defects are some of the most important quality criteria considered when grading cardamom. The subjectivity of manual pricing leads to drastic fluctuations in pricing decisions during auctions. The company’s quality inspection technology provides greater than 95% accuracy in evaluating cardamom quality, compared to around 70% with manual methods. This objectivity and precision allow fairer prices and real prices for both the producer and the trader, an unprecedented advantage.

Vasu, a cardamom grower from Theni, TN, said, “I can see what grade my produce is and see the bidding live. Now I can also withdraw my produce from the auction and put it for re-auction if I am unhappy with the auction prices as compared to my quality and the rest of the growers’ quality. This is brilliant.”


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