INTEA is not a new name in functional teas in many categories of health , defence and other lifestyle ameliorating segments. AB Vassilopoulos is the newest food retailer to have unified INTEA’s array of Functional Mount Olympus tea products with other products on its shelves. Consumers can now get its distinguished Nespresso compatible capsule range of functional teas in 100 more stores across the nation.

As the producer company Inbeverages SA carries on diversifying its coverage throughout Greece, it is now initiating to aim on export markets in an attempt to recognize genuine and esteemed local partners who are potent enough to establish the products in their markets.

Gregory Dounis, chairman of the Board of Inbeverages S.A., the producer of the INTEA range of products stated- “We now have 100 additional reasons to feel proud of what our creative products have accomplished and firmly believe that the quality profile of AB Vassilopoulos is perfectly suitable to accommodate our quirky and high-quality portfolio of Intea’s Functional Mount Olympus teas in Nespresso compatible capsules. Anyone interested in espousing a healthier lifestyle today, something we strongly suggest, can now do it in an even rational manner with the easement of the capsule version of Intea.”

It is a Greek company based in Athens that manufactures functional beverages by making use of Greek’s natural ingredients. The company’s first line of products is a series of lavish herbal teas. The ingredient serving as backbone in all its teas is the old Greek Mount Olympus tea (a caffeine-free tea), acclaimed for its advantageous characteristics for thousands of years which in turn is highly infused with customary, Greek medicinal herbs based on the functionality of each SKU manufactured.

Each of the first five SKU’s is available in either biodegradable pyramid bags or Nespresso machine compatible capsules to appropriately suit the requirements of each consumer.


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