As per USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), it is for the first time in five decades that the federal egg inspections are getting modernized.

The new egg inspection guidelines will look after 83 USDA-inspected egg plants as soon it gets issued in the Federal Register.

As per the new guidelines, egg manufacturers will be allowed to use food safety procedures planned to harbour their specific plant and appliance.

This modification by the Trump administration is aimed to assist egg producers recover from the losses they suffered during the ongoing crisis.  Consumer advocates, however, believe that food safety might be abraded by the alteration.

Production of egg substitutes will now be regulated by the USDA instead of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  FSIS auditors will visit once during each shift that being at site whenever eggs processing will occur.

The egg inspection alterations, under the FSIS modernization program have been implemented for poultry and swine already.  Changes to egg monitoring were first introduced in 2018 for comment.

FSIS Administrator Paul Kiecker stated- “We are very optimistic that, based on the once per shift that we have them there, we’ll still be able to validate that they’re processing harmless products.” He further declared that FSIS inspectors will visit multiple plants per day.

Some consumer groups wonder if a patrol system will be advantageous as a continuous inspection.  Kiecker believes that the modifications will use inspectors more productively. Egg producers will be accountable for executing schemes for sanitation and food safety supervision systems called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

As per the FSIS Administrator, HACCP drafting puts more culpability on egg producers to make sure that they are processing harmless products.

These alterations in the egg products inspection methods are the first since the passing of Egg Products Inspection Act (EPIA) by Congress in 1970.  The Egg Products Inspection Regulations guidelines expect the egg products processing to be compatible with current necessities regarding the meat and poultry products inspection regulations.


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