An official declaration by IPICOL (Industrial Promotion & Investment Corporation of Odisha) stated that Japan’s gigantic food-processing brand, Indo Nissin along with its brands like top Ramen has planned to start its second unit at Khurda Food Park which will be their biggest Indian unit.

During a web-seminar organized on Wednesday by Invest India on food-processing opportunities in Indian states, the company disclosed its diversification plans.

Gautam Sharma, M.D. of Indo Nissin foods said that- “The decision of investing in Odisha was the best investment decision we have taken in our 30 years old history. We have one of the best manufacturing efficiencies at Odisha which is a benchmark for us.”

Details regarding the investment potential, capacity and job- opportunities for the diversification of this plant have not been revealed till now. For the past several years, Indo Nissin has already been functional from the Khurda Food Park.


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