Aquatein has unveiled India’s first protein water. This protein enriched product is neither a powder nor a milk-based beverage. Founder and fitness aficionado, Ananth Prabhala, desires to transform the manner in which contemporary Indians consume protein, making it simpler, accessible, and delicious.

A 2017 survey revealed that about 73% of Indians are protein-deficient, while over 90% are uninformed of the quotidian protein demand. Regarded as our body’s building blocks, protein is pivotal to a healthy lifestyle.

The company had a basic mission, the formulation of a beverage that has contains no fillers, no sugar, no hormones, and offers individuals with the macronutrients that their body requires. The objective of creating a product that propelled the periphery of creation led to years of intellection, experimentations, explorations, and development.

The product was carefully produced and assessed in a European lab run by a team of food technologists.  Flavours being a key factor for the brand, 6-8 months were spent doing taste examinations that led to the birth of such a product which is not only health-giving but is also delectable in taste.

Encouraging sufficient amount of protein consumption, the company has devised a quirky calculator available digitally on its website. This calculator takes a number of factors into consideration and then informs the individuals about the protein requirements of their body.

Ananth feels that the product is not only for those who do workout. He says- “Protein ideally is for everyone. That is why Aquatein is keto-friendly, lactose-free, and 100% vegetarian. Most ready to eat protein products advice water consumption in loads but Aquatein’s water-base and hence you don’t have to take plentiful of water along with it.”

Available in two sizes, one with 10g of protein and the other with 21g of power-packed protein for indispensable intake. Each variety comes in four flavours- Green Apple, Mix Berry, Orange, and Strawberry.

Ananth further stated- “Innovation is the secret to success and we at Aquatein desire to keep doing creativities and offer a hassle-free and convenient protein experience to the consumers. We strive to be a household name for ‘anything and everything protein’ throughout the nation.”

The product can be ordered online from the company’s website i.e., or can be bought from e-commerce platforms such as, Amazon, , Get Vital Marketplace, HealthXP, and Netmeds.



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