Ninjacart, India’s leading agri-startup that leverages technology and data to organize the agriculture ecosystem, has announced the launch of its future-forward ‘Agri Next’ initiative.

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‘Agri Next’ is driven by a mission to bridge the technological gap within the agricultural ecosystem. Ninjacart has outlined a comprehensive strategy to reshape agriculture for the next decade. This strategy includes advancements in enabling commerce, the adoption of cutting-edge logistics and fulfillment solutions, and the provision of accessible capital options, all aimed at empowering agri citizens across the value chain from farmers to traders and retailers. This empowerment will enable them to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency and increase savings, marking a significant step towards a more technologically advanced agricultural sector.

Ninjacart has taken a significant step toward realizing its vision by introducing complimentary public WiFi at the APMC Staples Mandi located in Gultekdi, Pune. Spanning an expansive 0.36 square kilometers, this strategic project deploys 24 routers strategically positioned across 23 key locations within the Mandi in Pune. Thorough testing ensures that the WiFi network covers the entire market area, offering seamless internet connectivity to all Mandi visitors. By addressing challenges like poor network access, overcrowding and limited infrastructure, this strategic endeavour will enhance connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted internet access for all agricultural stakeholders. This access will enable them to use Ninjacart’s Ninja app, facilitating the discovery of verified traders, providing access to credit, payment guarantee solutions and enhancing their overall trade activities, ultimately improving their daily business operations.

Sharing his thoughts on this unique endeavour, Kartheeswaran K.K., CEO & Co-Founder of Ninjacart, expressed, “The ‘Agri Next’ initiative serves as a testament to our enduring commitment to crafting an interconnected and empowered agricultural ecosystem. Through this initiative, we aim to transcend the boundaries of traditional agriculture and embrace a future where technology and innovation drive growth, efficiency and prosperity for all agri stakeholders.”


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