Indian Food regulator FSSAI has launched a nation-wide campaign from 1st August to 14th August to check adulteration in edible oils, the presence of trans-fatty acids in hydrogenated oils and to crack down on the sale of loose edible oil in the country.

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The sale of Multi-Source Edible Oils without proper labelling will also be checked. The sale of Multi-Source Edible Oils without proper labelling will also be checked.

The Commissioners of Food Safety of all States/UTs have been directed to lift surveillance samples of these products in a staggered manner from the markets so that the sample base is wide and representative of all Food Business Operators (FBOs)/Brands being sold therein. The progress of the campaign shall be monitored on a day to-day basis and the entire exercise will be completed by 14.08.2022 in a mission mode manner.

It has been also emphasized that failure of any surveillance sample will be immediately followed by the drawing of regulatory samples to take legal action against such FBOs.

As per the latest reports received from 15 States/UTs, 279 samples of edible oils (single oil as a constituent), vanaspati and sale of Multi Source Edible Oils have been drawn.

Recently, FSSAI, the Indian Food regulator FSSAI issued an order regarding operationalisation of the standards of crude corn (maize) oil in the FSS (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011.

According to the FSSAI, the order to operationalise standards of crude corn oil was done to allow the food businesses to import crude corn oil.

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The amendment proposed that in the FSS (Food Products and Food Additives) Regulations, after the sub-regulation 2.2.8 related to peroxide value of oils and fats, sub regulation  2.2.9 shall be inserted as ‘Crude Solvent Extracted Corn (Maize) Oil’.


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