Indian Food Authority, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), has notified ‘Vegan Regulations’ in the official Gazette of India and asked food business operators (FBOs) involved in such products’ trade to comply.

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The regulations, along with domestic FBOs, also lay provisions for importers that ‘no vegan food products shall be imported except with a certificate issued by the recognised authorities of the exporting countries in the format as specified by the Indian Food Authority is accepted’.

The Indian Food Authority FSSAI’s notification says that the Food Safety and Standards (Vegan Foods) Regulations, 2022, shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

The regulations define vegan food as ‘the food or food ingredient, including additives, flavourings, enzymes and carriers, or processing aids that are not products of animal origin and in which, at no stage of production and processing, ingredients, including additives, flavourings, enzymes and carriers, or processing aids that are of animal origin have been used.’

And the FBOs shall ensure that all stages of production, processing and distribution shall be designed to take the appropriate precautions in conformity with the Good Manufacturing Practices in such a way to avoid the unintended presence of non-vegan substances.

Also, after approval , every package of vegan foods is required to carry the logo specified by the FSSAI for vegan food.

The food products to be called vegan, shall not have involved animal testing for any purpose including safety evaluation, unless provided by any Regulatory Authority.

Every packaging material used for vegan foods shall comply with the provisions of the packaging regulations.

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If the same production line is shared with non-vegan products or ingredients, thorough cleaning or comparable measures in conformity with Good Manufacturing Practices shall be carried out before production of vegan products commences and the same shall extend to all associated machinery, equipment, utensils and surfaces.


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