Indian Food Authority FSSAI has invited bids from agencies for empanelment as training partners under the Food Safety Training & Certification (FoSTaC) programme, which is aimed at creating a pool of food safety supervisors (FSS), who are trained in good hygiene and manufacturing practices as per requirements in Schedule 4 of Food Safety and Standards Licensing and Registration Regulations, 2011.

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The training is offered through 24 certification courses developed by a panel of domain experts empanelled by the Indian Food Authority FSSAI covering the entire food value chain.

The Indian Food Authority FSSAI says that it was looking forward to identifying and empanelling 318 more reputed Training Providers/Academic Institutions/Licensed Food Businesses/Associations/ Civil Society Organisations for conducting training under FoSTaC programme on behalf of FSSAI.

According to the FSSAI, the idea behind this EoI (Expression of Interest) was to empanel more experienced training providing entities, so that the FoSTaC programme can be amplified in a systematic manner.

“So far more than 10 lakh food safety supervisors have been trained in over 33,000 training sessions in the first five years throughout the country after the initiation of the FoSTaC programme. Organic growth of training capacity under the FoSTaC programme shows that there is demand for these kinds of training courses. Development of such a large training capacity in the country under the FoSTaC programme is an evidence to the fact that the country is undergoing a major transformation as far as food safety is concerned. FoSTaC training is expected to bring in a culture of self-compliance on food safety measures amongst the food business and raise the bar for food safety and hygiene in the country,” read a FSSAI statement, in this regard.

The last date for submission of responses to Expression of Interest is September 16, 2022, 5pm, while the shortlisted EOIs for further process will be disclosed after 15 working days from the last date of submission of responses.


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