The India Pastry Cup is carried out to select the best candidates from the country that will represent India at an international platform at the Asian Pastry Cup which is also pre-selection for the World Pastry Cup or coupe du monde as 
The team that gets selected will represent India in the competition at the Asian Pastry Cup which will happen in April 2024. This year’s edition has two teams that are participating, one team is from JW Marriott hotels and the second is from the Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts.
The teams are required to prepare two chocolate entremets, two plated desserts, a sugar sculpture and a chocolate sculpture. they are judged based on taste, texture, appearance as well and the final buffet presentation.
The jury consisted of professionals from the pastry fraternity Sanjay Anand is the director at “Hammer Publications”, Chef Avijit Ghosh is a Master Pastry Chef with several years of experience in the pastry industry and Chef Nakul Kulkarni who is the founder chef and managing partner at T’ART were the esteemed jury for the competition
The organizers included the “Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts” in association with “Bakery Review” a pastry magazine. It was announced that the APCA team emerged as winner. Congratulations to the entire APCA team. 

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