Impresario Handmade Restaurants is seriously heading towards sustainability and environmental impact. Organizations that use plastic products and packaging in large amounts are in alarming necessity of interventions and solutions to tackle the waste generated by them.
Beginning 2021 on a positive note, the L-Catterton-backed food and beverage company is joining forces with AtWorks, an impact-focused entrepreneur support organization that operates the Circular Impact Market Accelerator (CIMA). The mission of this first-of-its-kind collaboration is to look for entrepreneurs who can assist the food and beverage industry in implementation of creative novel solutions to address the plastic utilization and waste generated by their functioning.

As part of this nationwide pilot covering more than 20 restaurants across 3 cities (Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi), the six-month programme will provide a platform to search for solutions that help in alleviating the amount of plastic utilized by restaurants. By using substitutes and trasporting plastic waste to recyclable and recoverable means, the two firms will try to prevent plastic waste from reaching landfills through a serious thrust towards plastic circularity.

Riyaaz Amlani, CEO and MD of Impresario Handmade Restaurants stated- “Sustainability is a crucial part of our DNA, and our ideology of ‘minimal intervention, maximum upcycling’ has a major role in our designing process over the years. While we’ve been taking tiny treads here and there to run a more ecologically aware enterprise, this coalition with AtWorks will really assist us to transmit that vision into firm action. Our internal teams are constantly thinking about how we can lessen our plastic usage and shift to more sustainable substitutes, and this accelerator program will aid us to identify entrepreneurs and start-ups that can offer real-world solutions. As soon as the study ends, we anticipate designing a playbook of sustainable practices for the food and beverage industry in the nation and starting implementation of the same over time.”

Shravan Shankar, co-founder & COO of AtWorks declared- “Most creativities providing substitutes to plastics or handling plastic waste are forthcoming or haven’t been commercially scaled. We need to generate opportunities between businesses that need sustainable creativities and start-ups designing impact solutions and need to assess and heighten their creativities. With Impresario’s assistance, we will be able to realize the real-world implications and scalability of such creative thoughts. Impresario is ruling the charge for the food and beverage industry in the nation, and we’re thrilled to work with them to run a wider shift.”

The Circular Impact Market Accelerator is country’s first product accelerator for an increment in the espousing of substitutes and solutions to plastic usage and waste in mainstream industry. Driven by the company, with assistance from The Incubation Network (TIN), the programme targets to aid in filling the gap between game-changing solutions to plastic use and their acceptance in mainstream markets. The Incubation Network (TIN) is a catalyst for action and investment to enhance waste management and recycling systems focussed at stopping the channeling of plastic waste into the ocean across the globe.



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