Packaging machine group IMA dairy has agreed on a deal to pocket a majority share in INTECMA S.A. based in Sant Just Desvern / Barcelona.

Company is well established in southern Europe and Maghreb countries and is widely popular among dairy stalwarts. Top 5 of dairy stalwarts are in the list of its consumers. Company was founded 30 years back by Manuel Gonzalez.

Company has signature zero technology for packaging and form, fill and seal machines for cups at low capacity performance range and can be used as all tools for FFS system.

Hub of matter sets on the patented and therefore unique punch for PET, PP and PLA. Thanks to the technology, maintenance costs are slashed and the performance and service life of the tools are ameliorated many times over compared to existing tools in the market place.

The integration of the company into the group expands the know-how within the group, especially in the FFS area of the sister companies Erca and Hassia. Most importantly, machine operation is streamlined and simplified. In the future, the tools will be manufactured within the group itself. The location near Barcelona with currently about 50 employees will thus become a core segment of the group.

Thomas Becker, CEO and partner of the IMA Dairy and Food group, said, “Intecma is well positioned in areas that are part of the core business of our Erca and Hassia brands. We also want to use the company’s expertise with its unique zero technology to offer our FFS customers the opportunity to convert their existing machines to sustainable packaging materials – from composite to mono-materials that can easily be recycled.

“With the Intecma punch easy breakable PET, PP and PLA cups can be produced. This enables us to offer our customers a one-stop solution for packaging their products in sustainable packaging.” further added.

Manuel Gonzalez, MD, Intecma, said, “With the worldwide sales and service network of IMA Dairy & Food we can build up and expand our presence in markets that we were previously unable to cover with our sales team.”


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