Ignite Foods has launched Cinque – their most recent Italian cuisine cloud kitchen. Bringing the best of Italian herby aromas in the selection of pasta and stone-fired pizzas with sumptuous toppings, it makes sure to take you on a gastronomic tour to Italy while you relish the preparations be it at the high-energy house parties or during corporate luncheons.

Got its name after the Italian number 5, it is the only vegetarian Italian delivery kitchen which strives to activate your fifth sense with its delectable Italian culinary treats ranging from not just the widely available fresh dough and hand-rolled pizzas and pasta but also a choice of nutty salads, cheesy appetisers and tiramisu for the sweet tooth. Its handmade menu culinary director, chef Amit Puri, makes sure that the right chords are struck when it comes to presenting seasonal and handpicked ingredients.

Vaibhav Lodha, founder and CEO of Ignite Foods stated- “While we Indians enjoy continental foods and kept stepping out in 2019 to experience it at the best of the restaurants located in the neighbourhood, the pandemic certainly shelved our culinary desires and love for European dishes, especially the Italian ones. To satiate the needs of the customers craving for succulent Italian delicacies in the easement of their homes, we introduced Cinque – the only vegetarian cloud kitchen serving Italian cuisine in the city of Mumbai.”

It is a pure vegetarian gourmet food delivery company with several brands serving a range of cuisines including Indian, Pan Asian, continental and healthy food. Striving hard to constantly deliver consistent taste and premium quality with attention to finer details, the company considers hygiene and safety as the top-most priority for which the kitchen team is well trained to adopt best-in-class food preparation practices.


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