iD fresh Food has launched three peculiar filter coffee liquids which will instantly immerse into your staple liquid to give you the authentic filter coffee taste. These iconic liquids has already been disrupting the competition in non-alcoholic beverages market since a couple of years. Company aims new target cap of Rs 50 crore for 2021-22, with the unique instant filter coffee blends.

Commenting on the new launch, Musthafa PC, CEO and co-founder, iD Fresh Food, said, “When we launched the filter coffee liquid two years ago, we were not sure whether consumers would be keen to make the switch from instant coffee powders to ready-to-use liquid in a pouch/sachet. Also, filter coffee aficionados are known to be particular about the process. As a company, we are devoted to freshness. So we ensured that the coffee liquid is made of single-origin coffee and has the right blend of coffee and chicory (80 per cent coffee, 20 per cent chicory), zero sugar, and no preservatives. The consumer response has been phenomenal, especially during the pandemic with more people working from – and drinking coffee at – home. The new blends are designed on the basis of customer feedback to ensure that we are catering to all types of filter-coffee lovers. iD Instant Filter Coffee Liquid is for all those who desire strong, aromatic coffee – the drink that refreshes you and sets things right.”

Funded by Premji Invest, Azim Premji’s investment arm, and Helion Venture Partners, the company has revolutionised the coffee industry, much like the company did with its pioneering products in the idly and dosa batter market. The USP remains 100 per cent natural, home-made style of preparation, without the use of any chemicals, preservatives, synthetic stabilisers, artificial colours, or flavours.

Pavan Kumar BVS, CBO, iD Fresh Food, noted, “Within two years, we have managed to carve a niche in the segment not just in the metros but also in the tier 2 markets. With the new rich and dark instant filter coffee liquid, we will be reaching out to a wider clientele. Given that we are launching at an affordable price point of Rs 5, the market opportunity is immense.”

According to Rahul Gandhi, CMO, iD Fresh Food, “The market dynamics have been changing during the pandemic with a perceptible shift in consumers drinking more coffee at home. We have been witnessing growing demand for certain blends. In these uncertain times, iD wants to help its customers find comfort in their favourite South Indian filter coffee blends – just the way they like it.”

Surge in demand was noticed in COVID-19 stricken world where families were sitting with the cups with these Gulpable iconics. This COVID-19 stricken world inspired the company to come up three flavourful blends namely Strong, bold and intense. Strong is having 70 percent coffee with 30 percent chicory, Bold with 80 percent coffee and 20 percent chicory while intense is the best one the vigorous 100 percent of coffee comes to your cup.

Products are on the shelves in retails and wholesales and E-commerce giants.


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