For almost 30 years, Hydrosol has been one of the frontline international suppliers of specialty food ingredients system solutions. As it broadens its long-term market position in this rapidly evolving segment, the company builds on its all-inclusive knowledge of functional ingredients, industrial production processes, and the challenges of food shelf life and regional eating habits. Customers around the globe use this skill to make attractive, good-tasting and safe foods.

Dr Matthias Moser, managing director of the Food Ingredients Division of Stern-Wywiol Gruppe stated- “In recent years, Hydrosol had deployed its strong in-house capabilities to develop new solutions in the plant-based category as well. In the autumn of 2020 that booming unit was spun off to form the new company Planteneers, which is growing rapidly along with the industry. Simultaneously, stabiliser specialist Hydrosol greatly expanded its expertise in texturing, to go beyond the physical stabilisation of food products. As a result the company formerly known as The Stabiliser People has redefined itself. Now Hydrosol says We texture taste.”

“We’ve steadily built out our portfolio in the past decades and massively expanded our expertise, in breadth as well as depth. Our products enable the optimum adjustment of consistency and mouthfeel. Together with our knowledge of flavourings and colourings, this gives customers solutions they can use to offer consumers the perfect taste experience. ‘We texture taste’ is thus a very accurate description of what Hydrosol does on a daily basis,” Moser further said.

The company has also made its associations deeper with raw materials suppliers on international markets. Concomitantly, it is aiming more and more on trend-oriented solutions. These strengths will be even more central going forward. The key focus is on developing solutions together with customers that fulfill consumers’ rising expectations and address present food trends. Convenience, health and clean label remain the most robust drivers.

Free from concepts are an example, as Dr Moser describes- “Consumers increasingly want products that are free from E-numbers and low in sugar, fat and salt. But the products cannot veer from the accustomed taste experience – on the contrary, in this category foods have to tick all the boxes. More than that, they have to offer interesting new flavour experiences. The same goes for the consistency. Hydrosol’s core competencies are thus more in demand than ever before.”

All of Hydrosol’s activities are relied upon the technological knowledge it has gathered over almost three decades. The many labs with state-of-the-art equipment in Ahrensburg, as well as the Technology Centers in other markets such as Mexico, Russia and the United States, are the cornerstone for integrating international trend concepts with local necessities.

Dr Moser asserted- “We will continue to decentralise, simultaneously, we’re boosting our service and innovation by adding to our scientific, digital, commercial and qualitative core competencies.”

One instance in the scientific area is the separation of applications and innovation. This means that the company will carry on developing custom solutions for the applications and requirements of its customers. Simultaneously, its scientists and technologists are working even more intensively on innovations that let customers make an influence on the market, or successfully foray into new markets.

Clean and lean label products remain a major emphasis in the product portfolio, across all categories. In the milk area there is great prospect in special products for children, particularly in the free from area. Furthermore, the company’s technologists are working on texturing for products from cultivated meat as well as acellular milk proteins.

The company’s stabilizing and texturing proficiency will play a crucial role in this future market. The company recently added to its Sabiprime MFD array for the expanding milk mixed beverages market. This assists dairies to make a very varied range of milk beverages for children and adults, from low-fat and less sugar to lactose-free to protein-rich and vitamin fortified.

“As a subsidiary of Stern-Wywiol Gruppe we have a key advantage over competitors – we’re owner-operated and independent, so we can respond quickly and flexibly to customer wishes. The close collaboration with our sister companies offers additional possibilities for our customers. These advantages will further drive the growth of Hydrosol,” Moster further added.


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