Hyatt Regency Thrissur, in collaboration with The Blue Yonder, a travel company which advocates responsible travel, introduces ‘Experience Nila’ as ampart of Hyatt Loves Local- a global initiative by Hyatt Hotels to edify and join forces with small businesses that have been affected by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The project inspires and backs indigenous artisans from the banks of River Nila who have been greatly affected by the COVID-19. As part of the partnership, distinct native products such as the handloom fabrics, Kilimangalam traditional grass mats, musical instruments, and products made of bamboo, clay and pine will be exhibited every weekend at the Hyatt Regency Thrissur up till 31st March, 2021 which customers would be allowed buy if they like anything.

Patrons can also meet and talk with the artisans. Nila river has played a significant part in the social, historical and cultural legacy of Kerala.  The river is a vitally crucial part of Kerala as the indigenous culture of Malayalam language has been originated, maintained and succoured by the prodigious flow of this river.

Animesh Barat, general manager, Hyatt Regency Thrissur stated- “Nila is not just any river but typifies a rich and diverse culture that has surfaced and created over the banks. And we feel proud in being associated with ‘Experience Nila’ project by Blue Yonders which aims on Responsible Tourism. Their aboriginal products have stories of centuries to describe.”

Gopinath Parayil, founder of The Blue Yonder declared- “We are here to exemplify the rich and varied culture of River Nila. Teaming up with Hyatt will assist us in reaching out to an insightful and judicious global audience and hence will yield direct advantages to artists and artisans along the river bank.”

Over 60 Hyatt hotels and resorts in various cities across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East are offering complimentary resources and publicity to selected local businesses that have suffered excessively during the COVID-19. From culinary and wellness to fashion and art, Hyatt Loves Local community partnerships incorporating a variety of industries have already begun at several Hyatt properties now and is expected to get started at numerous more premises soon in the near future..


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