HungerLicious, a cloud kitchen unit of Exhilarating Food Pvt. Ltd, was established by two childhood friends and food aficionados during the coronavirus pandemic. The brand’s goal is to lead the segment of catering to eateries, social gatherings, birthday parties or house-warming ceremonies. They ensure that their patrons always get the flavour and the hygiene they require.

The peculiar items by the culinary connoisseurs at the firm guarantee to prepare awesome quality food, in little time and at very lower costs than what would be cooked in customary restaurants and cafes. The brand makes use of a very modern technology which flawlessly combines their commissaries to their partners, and also allows the partners to have an Additional Point of Sales, where it links them to the end-consumer.

The enormous and diverse menu at HungerLicious includes cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, fast food and flavourful beverages. The chefs cooking your food have to complete training under industrial experts, who provoke them to prepare premium quality food every time they cook. The food is cooked in either Rice Bran or Olive Oil keeping in mind the good health of the consumers.

The brand typifies the love for food of two friends targeting to fulfill cravings of food enthusiasts like them and to assist small eateries and kitchens to sustain through the COVID-19. This cloud kitchen aids the restaurant owners conserve a lot of capital as when they collaborate with the brand, they don’t have to worry about extended bills and salary cheques of numerous staffs. It must be chosen by the foodies as the part size being served here is elephantine!!

“We, through HungerLicious, intend to make the life simpler for restaurant owners by offering them fully prepared dishes, at correct temperature, so that the food just needs to be heated before it’s packed or delivered to be enjoyed by the consumer finally,” states Himanshu Sisodia, founder of Exhilarating Food Pvt. Ltd.

He further said-“As soon as we receive a order from our customer, we dispatch the confirmed order, and try to deliver it the same day. We strive to be the kitchen for all our clients, so that they can aim on vending off and expanding their reach without thinking much about the gigantic investment that a kitchen can cost for a rising entrepreneur.”

The ongoing pandemic has granted the HungerLicious brand chances to acquire skill in and then apply it to cook, exhibit, and put away food items exhibited at a public or private ceremony for groups of all sizes ranging from 20 to several hundreds of people.

“Our vision here is to conserve your money and offer you the fine quality food and we have already gained a status for efficacy and brilliance. The distinct cooking methods and the enthusiasm to always try something novel and making our patrons jolly is what keeps it advancing,” declares Nitin Kudesia, co-founder of the brand.


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