Huhtamaki has introduced ICON Packaging – an innovative, recyclable ice cream packaging solution to meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging alternatives in North America.

Read: October 2022 Issue of Food InfoTech Magazine.

Made from 95% renewable biobased material, ICON® packaging combines Huhtamaki’s proprietary water-based barrier coating with SFI-certified paperboard. This allows consumers in North America to recycle ice cream containers and lids just like other paper products, such as folded carton packaging. 

“Our paper-based technology and barrier solutions are the key differentiators in ICON® ice cream packaging. The technology allows ice cream packaging to enter the existing North American recycling stream more easily,” says Ann O’Hara, President of Huhtamaki North America.

ICON® ice cream packaging shows that it is possible to attain transition to paper-based packaging formats and alternative sustainable barriers without compromising packaging functionality, such as structural integrity in frozen supply chains. By innovating and paying attention to key factors like condensation resistance, Huhtamaki has shown how paper-based materials can provide viable alternatives to plastic.

Using paper in ice cream packaging has additional benefits for producers, such as better options for decorating and shaping packaging, or full-cover printing options to aid marketing efforts. Consumers, meanwhile, can take advantage of Connected Packaging  by scanning the QR code on all ICON® packaging products to find out how to recycle after use.

Huhtamaki developed ICON® solutions through its comprehensive expertise in barrier functionality and paper forming. As the first-to-market breakthrough in paper packaging technology, ICON® packaging demonstrates the company’s ambition to become the first choice in sustainable packaging solutions.

ICON is a new, breakthrough paper cup technology enabling the recycling of both the cup and the lid in communities with paper product recycling programs. ICON is made with 95% renewable biobased materials and has been verified by ASTM D6866. Making the switch to ICON over standard paper cups with Poly eliminates 1.3 tons of polyethylene per 1MM cups. Simply put, it’s bringing a smaller footprint to the freezer section. In fact, 21 tons of paperboard will be removed from landfills for every 1 million cups that are recycled. And, when recycled, over 90% of the paper fiber is recovered. Now that’s sweet.


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