HRS focus was to educate visitors from food processing industries about HRS’s technology in applications like pulp & beverage processing, aseptic processing technology for multi-fruit/ vegetable, concentrates, dairy, nutraceutical, probiotic, infant food, ready-to-eat foods. HRS has taken this opportunity to launch “Advance Turnkey Line for Tomato processing” video at the exhibition. This AV shows HRS process & technology expertise and successfully running process raw tomatoes to paste & purees for the end-user application such as sauces, ketchups, snacks, ready-to-eat products and many more. HRS has also showcased informative presentations on various fruit and vegetable applications such as mango, chilli, amla, papaya, pineapple, pomegranate and many more.

“Food processing sector has great potential in India, since a very small percentage of fruit and vegetable produce find their way to processing sectors. Right combination of technology and marketing will enable companies to grow in this sector” says Mr. T.K. Radhakrishnan, Vice President, Food Systems BU, HRS Process Systems Ltd.

HRS Anutec India 2022 FoodTec 2022 Expo

HRS clients and some of the blue chip companies such as Coca-Cola India, Malas, Jain Farm Fresh Foods, Food and Inns, Jadli foods, Californian Beverages, Hatsun, Exotic Fruits, Schreiber Dynamics, Royal foodstuff, Aditi foods, ABC process and many more companies visited this exhibition.

Participating in shows like ANUTEC International Foodtec gives a good platform to interact with the customers, introduce and share with them our technology. This experience also helps us to catch up with market trends and customers preferences, needs as well.


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