HL Agro Products has earned food safety certification via the British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS) for its fully automated Kanpur-based sesame processing unit. The facility was awarded an A Grade softer an in-depth inspection done in September and is now ready to serve customers that need BRC compliance. The accreditation will enable the firm to step into sectors of the market only accessible to validated manufacturers as the company carries to spike up its market share.

BRC is one of the most prestigious certification programmes recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It incorporates requirements for food processors to follow to set up an efficacious food safety management system. The standard targets to orchestrate international food safety standards and advocates uniformity across the supply chain for food and ingredient producers, wholesalers, and distributors. To gain this certification, the sesame unit run by the company underwent a third-party inspection of several aspects including quality management and risk analysis to building standards for food safety, operations, product and process control, and personnel.

The company’s fully mechanized sesame production facility is established to assist those in who require larger quantities, high standards and short lead times.  With this new BRC-approved sesame processing unit, the company desires to serve food producers and food-service retailers hunting for direct food contact ingredient solutions.

Akhilesh Sahu, managing director, HL Agro, “BRC is one of the most difficult certifications to acquire. When you earn a certification from an esteemed program like theirs, it supports client faith. The BRC Certification is in-accordance with our determination to offer the most superior quality sesame seeds that safeguards our customers’ brands. Having awarded certification against the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certifies our proficiency level HACPP, hygiene, food safety and quality systems. Simultaneously, it exemplifies our devotion to consumer safety and stakeholder relations.”

The organization is a widely acclaimed standard with certifying bodies in about 100 countries across the globe. By instituting the standard for quality, hygiene and product safety appreciated by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), the company generates a further level of lucidity for its international customers from the food industry and reinforces its status as a supreme quality sesame producer on the market.

Earlier, the company had already highlighted its position as a distributor for the food and beverage products market with authentications as per the ISO: 220005, FSSAI, Halal, USFDA and Kosher standards.


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