HESA, a Hyderabad-based rural marketplace, has launched a household consumer brand called SUHAS.

The newly launched consumer segment will offer a wide range of kitchen essentials ranging from lentils, spices, grains, and more at affordable prices for consumers to discover in local Kirana stores and the e-commerce platform of HESA – a last mile rural marketplace that connects rural entrepreneurs with buyers.

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HESA has received a phenomenal response from customers prior to its launch of SUHAS with over 2 crore of pre-orders from various markets. Following a phase-wise, roll-out plan, the consumer segment brand SUHAS will be available across the southern market in the next 12-18 months, followed by the west, east, and north markets.

HESA intends to empower farmers by directly procuring from them, in line with the Indian government’s #localforvocal programme, which was launched in 2020.

The Rural tech startup is enabling transactions, promotions, and access in rural India to become one of the largest rural marketplaces. Foraying into a new segment, the company is on a mission to strengthen its consumer portfolio. The new brand, SUHAS aims to educate consumers about Indian food authenticity with its expertise in sourcing and procurement.

Founded in 2019 by Vamsi Udayagiri, HESA unifies value chains in rural India by enabling local brands and businesses to come together as a community. It provides these businesses a tech-led platform that empowers businesses to reach, showcase, demonstrate, and transact with their customer base across remote and rural regions in the country.

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The company addresses the challenges faced by Rural Entrepreneurs and unlocks immense opportunities, inclusive growth, thus helping in creating sustainable economies and society. At the same time, the rural tech startup also aims to pave the way for Businesses aiming to integrate with the rural economy, by offering them the means to reach, access and engage with their target audience.


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