Herza Schokolade curates new sugar alternative from coconut flower thereby making it conspicuous for health benefits.

When foods need to be ‘free from’ sugar is often the focus, more and more consumers are choosing products that don’t contain household sugar, be they fitness foods such as muesli or treats such as ice cream, desserts, snacks or baked goods. People want substitutes as sweeteners, ideally from natural sources, like coconut flower sugar.

Also called as palm sugar, this natural sweetener is obtained from the flowers of the coconut palm and is popular with consumers. With its malty, caramel-like flavour, it perfectly complements the chocolate. Herza Schokolade proves this with its novel ‘inspired by nature’ organic product portfolio. The chocolate pieces in eight delightful flavour compositions show how diverse the amalgamation of chocolate and coconut flower sugar can be.

The product line aims on chocolate pieces with varied types of fruit components such as- creamy milk chocolate with banana flakes that imparts a crunchy feel to the mouth. The dark chocolate leaves with sour cherry powder are a quirky combination, with the powder providing the full-flavoured chocolate a tart fruity note.

An ideal addition for ice cream and snack mixes are the chopped dark chocolate pieces with fruity raspberry pieces and vanilla. The dark chocolate cubes with light ginger notes and a hint of lemon are a real innovation in chocolate pieces.

Another new delicacy is the dark chocolate leaves with their strong cocoa note, refreshing orange oil and crunchy cocoa cores. The new creamy milk chocolate chips are a subtle contrast, with coffee and cardamom for a flavour explosion from 1001 Nights.


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