Hershey is providing its consumers a chance to start their day by eating its soft-baked chocolate snack cake enriched by a syrupy sparkle added by Runamok Maple.

Reese’s has all the way planned to serve a bonbon breakfast to the customers with its new snack cakes.

As per a release, Hershey has recently notified that it is introducing Reese’s Snack Cakes, a soft-baked chocolate cake with peanut butter cream and covered in milk chocolate. The product will be made available on the shelves of convenience retail shops across the nation in December.

Quoting data from a survey found wherein 83% of consumers preferred to eat dessert before noon in the previous month, Hershey declared it got a unique “crazy idea” to give Reese’s consumers to have cake as a mid-morning sugary treat.

“We know that sometimes you just don’t want to wait until lunch – that’s how Reese’s Snack Cakes were invented,” Mike Orr, snacks brand manager informed.

Over the last few years, some other brands too, have launched more sweet and piquant options for the breakfast table. Kraft has released its Mac & Cheese as a global epidemic breakfast option for occupied parents, while Sour Patch Kids, Churros, Hostess Honey Buns, Nutter Butter and Peeps are among the relishes, now available in modified cereal forms. General Mills in collaboration with Hershey has planned to release five new cereals such as Hershey’s Kisses cereal and Reese’s Puffs Big Puffs, by the end of this year.

In addition to these innovations in collaboration with Reese during the past few years, Hershey has brought into light the Reese’s Chocolate and Peanut Butter Lovers Cups in 2019, launched Peanut Butter Appreciation bars with words of motivation, released Reese’s Thins and remoulded the candy into Reese’s Crunchers.

It goes without saying that Hershey would carry on doing innovations with Reese’s. According to the ratings of YouGov, it is one of the most renowned candies in the US. Although many other CPG breakfast treats are available such as Drake’s Coffee Cakes and Little Debbie’s Honey Buns, Reese’s wide acceptance by the consumers has undoubtedly made its recent breakfast innovation a prodigious success.


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