Herbea, a brand offering holistic experience with infusion teas acquired from super foods and from the age-old science of Ayurveda, has recently released its extensive variants of products. It has been conceptualized as a convergence of heritage, expertise, and target to generate a way to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The founders have attempted to re-establish the ancient culture of infusion teas to befit modern lifestyles. More products will be added in the coming future.

The teas have been produced considering the varying modern-day sensibilities and lifestyle demands. There are seven different varieties including Diges – Tea for improved digestion, Stabili – Tea for battling with diabetes by regulating sugar balance, Detox – Tea for eliminating impurities from body, Cooling – Tea for cooling the mind from hectic schedule, Immuni – Tea for aiding improve immunity, De-Stress Tea to calm down the nerves, Agili – Tea for improved metabolism. The teas are prepared from ingredients such as fennel, punarnava, country rose, ananta, coriander, amla, triphala and ginger which are considered highly effective in the science of Ayurveda.

The brand, which is the invention of Indraneel Chitale, a fourth-generation member of the acclaimed Chitale Group, in partnership with Chinmay Bhosale, a zestful and famous lawyer, and Dr Sukumar Sardeshmukh, an Ayurveda genius, is introduced with an aim to make the value and mystery of Indian herbs and super foods within the reach of the world.

Commenting upon this, Indraneel Chitale, co-founder, Herbea declared- “A healthy lifestyle and robust immunity are the keystones to comprehensive well-being – something that has been emphasized by the ongoing pandemic too. It is thus vital that our food habits and what we eat, depict the same. Ayurveda is an antique practice and herbs have assisted to cure and ameliorate the human body largely since ages. Herbea combines 11 generations of Ayurvedic wisdom together packed in a modern avatar to its patrons through a number of tea variants. We will soon be releasing other products too.”

Chitale is the anchor with a firm sense of the manufacturing facets of the FMCG industry and expertise to keep products befitted to modern period. Dr Bhosale is an intelligent lawyer, with gold medal and doctorate in law, whose wisdom serves as the catalyst in the journey of Herbea. Dr Sardeshmukh who is the curator of Herbea and a strong supporter of Ayurveda, is acclaimed for his knowledge and expertise in the age-old Indian science throughout the globe. They underscore a collaboration which is an amalgamation of science supported by entrepreneurship that depicts colossal promise and future prospects for the brand.


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