An obscure amount has been invested by Wolfson Brands in Nutrafy India to expand its setup in the Indian market.  This alliance will see the company pave the way in the subcontinent for its world celebrated and bestseller health supplements, sports nutrition and beauty brands.

The brand has been serving since 2005 with an objective to institute ‘brands that inspire change.’  This 15 years’ journey has witnessed the international expansions of the firm holding offices in the UK, the US, and Germany and has served as a brand umbrella for more than 40 novice products.

CEO of Wolfson Brands, Stewart Lochrie, said- “As a challenger, our motive has always been to positively disrupt the wellness, sports nutrition and health market existing today.  For the last 15 years, we have been working alongside top nutritionists and formulators to launch forward thinking products that are acknowledged for providing fruitful outcomes.’’

He also acclaimed- “India is a very exciting market and fascinatingly, here exists a large gap for quality, high performance and trusted sports nutrition, health and beauty brands.  We are pleased to launch our award-winning brands to the market through Nutrafy.”

The Delhi-NCR based company will have the absolute power for the distribution and e-commerce growth plans, leading campaigns, affiliate and integrate marketing and working with local firms across social and media campaigns in the subcontinent.

Tarang Bhargava, Founder of Nutrafy stated- ‘’Wolfson brands are a leading name in the sports nutrition and health field.  Across the globe, their determination to launch scientifically backed products will fill a void of trustable, safe and reliable brands in the Indian marketing sector.”
‘’We are very delighted to set up Wolfson Brands under Nutrafy.  Exciting times henceforth.” Bhargava further added.

In the coming months, the company’s globally applauded brands including Battle Ready Fuel, CrazyBulk, and PhenQ are also expected to notify their launch in the country.

Battle-Ready Fuel, the multi-award winning mind, body and nutrition brand established by SAS Who Dares Wins Stars Foxy and Ollie Ollerton, is the latest launched brand carrying a 360-degree strategy in field of fitness and health.


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