Hatsun Agro Products, a company with a great optimistic vigour with a huge array of satiating and exemplary brands ‘Arokya’, ‘Hatsun’, ‘Arun Ice Creams’, Ibaco” has announced functional embarking journey of its newly planted Green processing plant at Solapur, Maharashtra. Company opens it with its full capacity to run and serve the best to patrons.

The plant is the 19th manufacturing location for HAP that has a network of plants in four states of Tamil Nadu, AP, Telangana and Karnataka. The fully automated dairy plant, one of the technologically superior plants in the country is set up in 72 acre land at a cost of Rs 130 crore in Solapur district in Maharashtra. The plant follows latest design philosophy and has specialised imported equipments from Germany to process 6 lakh litre milk per day (LLPD). The emphasis of the design is on employee safety, product hygiene and making products of finest quality. HAP has also set up a water pond inside the factory premises for harvesting rainwater to the tune of 1.25 crore litre. This is a first in the region and the water saved can be fully treated and utilised for multiple purposes.

Hatsun Agro Product’s authority seeks this opportunity to begin the production of products such as Milk, Lassi, Chhachh, Shrikhand etc. in the premises of new plant.

HAP will market them under prestigious household brand names – ‘Arokya’ and ‘Hatsun’. The total milk processing capacity of HAP now stands at 52.50 LLPD across all its manufacturing locations in 5 states.

Hatsun Agro Products, claims to rake up and shelf numerous products from this new Solapur facility generating a humongous 3000 direct and indirect employment opportunities. The plant will also prove to be a torchbearer for the commerce-stricken plight of the local milk wallas and dahiwallas, bringing them onto the platform they really deserve to be.

R G Chandramogan, chairman, Hatsun Agro Products, stated, “Maharashtra is a versatile state that offers excellent growth opportunities for the dairy industry. We envisage the plant to strengthen its foothold and provide a gateway of further growth in the western region. HAP’s strength is superior quality dairy products that are trusted by millions of Indian households. We see a robust demand for dairy products and we are glad to bring our quality dairy products to lakhs of households in Maharashtra. HAP stays ahead of the curve in terms of automation, quality & hygiene standards and always sets new benchmark for dairy products.”


Company also plans to employ its well spread and penetrated, milk supply logistics that will prove to be the booming force behind the welfare of the place given all the positives and expertise company bears.

HAP procures milk from select fine quality cattle collected directly from around 4,00,000 farmers and is certified by the ISO 22000. The company exports to 38 countries.


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